The Photograph shows founder members of the Crawley Inter Faith Network from 2007, reproduced from the Crawley Borough Council’s Faith Belief and Culture Guide published in October 2008.

Inter Faith U.K. aims to provide comprehensive guidance and direction that covers the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in Britain. IFN U.K.’s remit includes imparting awareness of the distinctive features and common ground for the various faith communities, promoting good relations between persons and their communities.

Interfaith U.K. facilitates opportunities for a variety of : fora, assemblies and other conference structures, enabling the valuable dialogue which ensues. It offers advice and information to sustain the progress of positive relations, nationally and locally among and between faith based groups. Together with its member bodies, IFN U.K. assists in promoting the harmonious and peaceful pattern of co-existence that is evident throughout the greater majority of the population of our United Kingdom.

Through its Inter Faith Week programme in the Autumn, and through many other avenues, of operation it works to offer practical solutions to the challenges of our changing World for those of religious beliefs and all people of good will.

Further information and a range of resources for further interest and information see https://www.interfaith.org.uk

Crawley Inter-faith Network (CIFN) is an intergenerational organisation that welcomes all people from all creeds and traditions. It offers the opportunity to share ideals and experiences. CIFN promotes dialogue in which people can demonstrate harmony and good will in the community, reflect commonly held beliefs and acknowledge the differences which inevitably emerge. This inspires an understanding and respect for others and most importantly, a feeling of personal satisfaction and self-worth.