CIFN is broadening its image in order to encounter the changing landscape of relationships among and between people of faith and the communities they live and work in. CIFN is developing its programme for on-line and virtual events. Eventually we hope to host activities that can be joined by zoom for those who prefer, but also at the same time to enable people who can attend in person to do so at a designated venue, date and time. To be true to it’s purpose, Inter Faith must provide the opportunity for people of different faith traditions to meet in person and to share human values. (Further details will be provided in due course).

We hope to continue our strategy for reaching out, sharing, communicating, and finding support from people of faith. It is a medium through which we can begin to understand and appreciate other faiths and the people who journey along them, according to their different paths.

CIFN proposes to invite and promote discussion about the life of faith, the diversity of faith communities and the ways in which this aim might be further served. To initiate this process, CIFN are seeking direction for its immediate operation at the forthcoming meeting on 30 th September 2021. See the details provided on the activities page.

If you would like to be more fully involved in Crawley Inter Faith Network or leave a message / comment or to contact Iyad Daoud, Ashwin Soni, Steve Innes or other member of CIFN group, leave a message on the CIFN Inter Faith Calendar page.  Your contact details will not be published. Alternately, you can view information on the CIFN Facebook page or the Whatsapp facility.

The July 2021 gathering of CIFN – Some of those who took part in the London Institute of Vedic Education presentation
led by Nabhinandan Das.