The Spirit of Peace

Hanna Yaffe providing soothing songs to dream by.

Hanna Yaffe is a Grandmother, Storyteller, Singer and Peacemaker. On January 25 th 2023 shortly after flying into the U.K. from Jerusalem, she led an event arranged by Crawley Inter Faith Network at The Crawley Museum, which exhibited the importance of the gifts, mostly associated with motherhood. Hanna Yaffe represents a group called Spirit of Peace (see )which is related to Jerusalem Peacemakers, a group that CIFN has welcomed in Crawley before. Together with members of CIFN, Hanna performed lullabies and other songs to comfort small children and babies at bedtime. Some of the other songs that were sung, were chosen possibly to comfort the grownups or at least remind them of their youth,

The format for our celebration of diversity

In 2001 Hannah recorded an album of lullabies : ‘Lullabies from Jerusalem’ an award winning anthology of 23 lullabies, drawn from the diverse cultures of Jerusalem. Since then she has considerably extended her repertoire to include an explanation how lullabies developed in different societies and gave a brief insight into some of the images they conjure.

Alongside a variety of lullabies of diverse language, tradition and culture , Catriona, a local artist, captured the spirit of the event by composing illustrations, which she was able to expound on .

Catriona’s first picture was a black and white image of a magnificent angel.

Hannah Yaffe has spent the last couple of weeks touring in the U.K. and visiting communities like ours, to bring her warming charm and message of hope.

Parveen contributed her favourite lullaby
Catriona’s Candle of Peace
Ingrida who offered a Ukranian lullaby.